Top Asset Manager lack SRI integration

The biggest asset managers have, with few exceptions, much room for improvement regarding the integration of SRI criteria in their investment processes, says a survey pursued by the Handelsblatt.

With the change of years, the Handelsblatt pursued a survey among 45 asset managers on the German speaking market. According to the survey, about five percent of assets under management are managed according to environmental, social and governance criteria. In reality, this percentage is likely to be lower as 19 asset managers did not answer the survey and are probably not concerned about socially responsible investing. Overall, only 20 asset managers have filled out the survey completely.

In total, there are about 20 to 24 billion Euro managed under consideration of ESG criteria. Those make up about six to seven percent of assets under management. Still, the percentage is likely to decrease as asset managers expressed it as a percentage of actively managed assets or of equity managed. The 45 asset managers questioned were, according to Elite Report, the best on the German speaking market.

Despite the top wealth managers only investing a small proportion of their assets dependent on sustainability factors, there are customers that can be won. Many of them could experience AuM in those products multiply within the last years. Those that use a systematic approach and market products actively can win customers.

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