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Cleverworks-Virtual-Events is a digital service for virtual meetings, screen calls, video conferences, webinars and online training in small and large styles.

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Hosted in Germany

Cleverworks Virtual Events is a service "hosted in Germany". The data is stored on servers in Germany and the service is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). Only a few services can claim this, with which digital meetings, screen phone calls, video conferences, webinars and online training can be carried out.

Without software installation

The Cleverworks Virtual Events Service is particularly easy for participants to use. No additional software is required and therefore no additional installations. A regular PC with speakers, microphone and webcam, or a smartphone or tablet device is sufficient. Simply open the invitation link in your browser, enter the name of the participant and you are ready to go. The service works on all common operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Easy handling

The service is intuitive and easy to use. The participants start by calling up a link in the browser. Operation during runtime is self-explanatory. The organization of the virtual events is also easy and quick to manage.

Extensive functionality

The system optionally transmits audio and video between the participants. In addition, documents can be presented and markers and highlights can be shared. This supports whiteboard functionality. Chatting to all or between individual participants is possible. The moderators can also present external videos (YouTube, Vimeo). Votes and polls are also available with freely definable questions, the results of which are visible to all. Via the so-called "Shared Notes", the participants work on content with each other and can also exchange information. In addition, participants can be divided into organized or random "breakout sessions", which return to the original event after a specified time. The event visitors control important functions on their own. The organizer has the possibility to administrate participants, mute them and assign moderator or presentation rights at any time. The recording function saves the event in a cloud based file for later editing. The release of the recording via link completes the digital meeting functionality.

Booking and Access

You can get more information about the Cleverworks Virtual Events Service by phone. Call us or request our call using the form.

Tel.: +49 69 3487 3170

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