Sachwerte - European Families are looking to New Zealand to grow their wealth

New Zealand’s leading Forestry / Timberland Investment Company Roger Dickie (NZ) Ltd is experiencing a significant increase in inquiries from European Family Offices looking to diversify investments into land based investments in the country. 

‘Our last five forests, have all sold to European Investors. Some mid rotation forests and some new plantings” said Richard Bourne, Sales and Marketing Manager for the company. 
“Overseas investors are attracted to New Zealand because of our stable government, our close exposure to the fast developing Asian markets and our established professional business practice. 

With our professional environment, New Zealand offers great reasons to consider creating financial wealth here” said Mr Bourne. “As a country New Zealand enjoys high world business rankings such as 1st in the world for protecting investors (World Bank) and 1st equal as least corrupt country’’ (Corruption Perceptions Index 2008) he said. “As well we are world leaders in both Forestry and Agricultural. Those Europeans that have visited us are amazed at our forest growth rates and leading edge farming techniques. And all who have visited with us in the last few years and have seen first hand the quality of our operation have proceeded to invest. We take great pride in that” said Mr Bourne.

Roger Dickie New Zealand Limited specialises in finding, securing and developing the best farm and forest opportunities on behalf of investors. All investments offered are backed by the security of land ownership. 

“Our role is to act as independent agent for our clients. We find them the best farms and forest properties that are available. We engage independent expert consultants to produce feasibilities, cashflows, and valuations etc. We provide management and administration services, and ensures that the investment is transparent, fully accountable and measurable by providing detailed monthly operating financial information to the owners” said Mr Bourne. 

Agricultural Investments: 
Blessed with ideal climate and wide open spaces New Zealand is the ideal country for pastoral farming that grows healthy livestock for the production of dairy products and meat. 
New Zealand farmers are among the most efficient in the world and there are no Government subsidies for agriculture. With a population of just 4.3 million New Zealand produces enough animal food products for over 50 million people per year. New Zealand’s grass based animal production systems, combined with the use of world leading technology, minimises labour inputs and generates maximum productivity.