• Bond balloon, not bubble
    Second Triannual Outlook 2017

    Bond balloon, not bubble

    The critical difference between a balloon and a bubble is what happens at the end: central bankers are keen to deflate the balloon, rather than burst the bubble. ETF Securities on volatility, bonds, currencies and commodities.

  • Do rising rates reduce returns on income assets?
    Income Assets

    Do rising rates reduce returns on income assets?

    Income-producing assets don’t perform as investors might expect. Being patient in income investing and not panicking when interest rates go up is a sound strategy, shows Shroders.

  • Improving diversification with machine learning
    Artificial Intelligence

    Improving diversification with machine learning

    Dr. Jochen Papenbrock, CEO and founder of Firamis, on portfolio construction and cost-effective execution of robo strategies, factor investing, smart-beta and impact investing using machine intelligence.

  •  Why invest in restructuring opportunities?
    Restructuring investments

    Why invest in restructuring opportunities?

    Restructuring is one of several factors that can boost share prices and is often missed, or misunderstood, by the wider market. How do restructuring opportunities fit into a portfolio?

  • Techno-dystopia vs positive productivity shock
    Techno-dystopia vs positive productivity shock

    Techno-dystopia vs positive productivity shock

    The world could be heading for a dystopian or booming future thanks to the incredible advances being made in automation. Schroders looks at the robot age and what it might mean for investors.

  • Sustainability and dividends

    10/13/2017 – A study by Rosenberg Equities shows that investors do not have to accept a lower dividend yield in order to invest sustainably. The quantitative firm focused its research especially on carbon emotions. more
  • ETF Securities’ Outlook in Videos

    10/05/2017 – ETF Securities’ Outlook 2017 - September Update examines the trends top-of-mind for investors for the remainder of 2017 and beyond. In their video series, experts explain the topics covered in the report. more
  • Equity research as a profit-making business

    09/29/2017 – The equity research business has been under pressure from clients and regulation. However, the business model can be attractive if providers can deliver the types of research the buy side values, says McKinsey. more
  • Asset classes over centuries

    09/22/2017 – Comparisons of real returns since the 19th-century make a case for real estate and equity. Supposedly secure asset classes were subject to fluctuations, which also caused temporary negative returns. more
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  • „Emerging Markets zur Diversifikation von institutionellen Portfolios“

    09/30/2017 – Thomas Rutz ist seit 2012 Portfoliomanager bei MainFirst und verantwortet Anlagen aus Schwellenländern für den MainFirst Emerging Markets Corporate Bond Fund Balanced und MainFirst Emerging Markets Credit Opportunities Fund. Er spricht mit altii über ... more
  • Schroder Investment Management GmbH, Frankfurt

    The case for active asset management

    09/28/2017 – The debate on whether to use passive or actively-managed funds can sometimes be one-sided. Our research suggests investors should keep an open mind, says Gavin Ralston, Head of Official Institutions and Thought Leadership at Schroders. Investors seem ... more
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  • Gesundes Geld: Geld verstehen & nachhaltig einsetzen

    10/18/2017 – Ein bekanntes Sprichwort sagt: Geld regiert die Welt! Selbst wenn wir unterstellen, dass dies tatsächlich so ist, ist es für jeden Menschen sehr hilfreich, das Geld seinem Wesen nach zu verstehen. Was also ist Geld eigentlich? Wo entsteht es und wie ... more
  • F+B-Wohn-Index Deutschland Q3/2017

    10/18/2017 – Der F+B-Wohn-Index Deutschland als Durchschnitt der Preis- und Mietentwicklung von Wohnimmobilien stieg im 3. Quartal 2017 im Vergleich zum Vorquartal mit weiter abgeschwächter Dynamik nur noch um 0,6 %, im Vergleich zum Vorjahresquartal um 4,3 %. ... more
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  • Martin Lycko

    The Value of Social Media – And How to Measure it

    05/27/2017 – von Martin Lycko, Content Manager bei altii
    The potential benefit of using social media is broad: Asset and wealth managers can enhance their reputation, building client relationships, boost retention and support interaction. Different KPIs help to measure Social Media campaigns during the client life cycle. more
  • Christian Salow

    Boilerplates, Links and Mega Benefits!

    03/24/2017 – von Christian Salow, Managing Director altii
    Surely you know that: You are reading a post that you really appreciate. You will notice how the author comes from the central statements of the text to a professional conclusion. Then you realize the last full stop. Too bad, you think, because you still have a few questions. more