• UK General Election
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    UK General Election

    altii provides institutional investors with an overview of market commentaries discussing the election outcome and its implications for Brexit negotiations, the Euro and Pound and the EU’s and UK’s economy.

  • Structural growth at attractive valuations
    Tech Equities

    Structural growth at attractive valuations

    Technological innovation continues to be a major driving force in the global economy. Valuations are currently attractive but the potential for rising trade protectionism poses a risk, says Michael Wang, Equity Strategist at ETF Securities.

  • Hydro Power: A Mature Alternative
    Clean energy

    Hydro Power: A Mature Alternative

    Hydro power has lowest carbon footprint of all electricity generation sources, says Huub van der Riet, NN Investment Partners. Investments in this sector need to be preceded by thorough analysis of companies’ track records.

  • Improving diversification with machine learning
    Artificial Intelligence

    Improving diversification with machine learning

    Dr. Jochen Papenbrock, CEO and founder of Firamis, on portfolio construction and cost-effective execution of robo strategies, factor investing, smart-beta and impact investing using machine intelligence.

  • Boilerplates, Links and Mega Benefits!
    Professional Texting for the Web

    Boilerplates, Links and Mega Benefits!

    Surely you know that: You are reading a post that you really appreciate. Then you realize the last full stop. Too bad, you think, because you still have a few questions. Here a "Boilerplate" helps.

  • How to Mitigate the Cost of Contango
    Commodity Futures

    How to Mitigate the Cost of Contango

    To mitigate the cost of rolling, investors need to add exposure to futures contracts with a longer shelf life where volatility is lower but expected return is also less, says ETF Securities.

  • Persistence in VC Performance

    06/20/2017 – Research from the Harvard Business School finds that initial success indicates the further achievements of venture capital funds. However, this is not caused by the VCs ability to nurture companies or spot promising trends. more
  • How is AI boosting robotics & automation productivity?

    06/16/2017 – The robotics and automation megatrend is still in its infancy, and yet the investment case presents an opportunity. On June 21, ETF Securities invites to a webinar about the impact of AI on robotics and automation. more
  • German real estate markets losing their appeal

    06/12/2017 – A survey among institutional investors shows that German properties are losing their attractiveness. One-third of asset managers considers the price level to be overpriced. Markets outside of the EU are deemed more favourable. more
  • ACL for the UK election

    06/07/2017 – The impact the UK election will have on the Brexit negotiations is in doubt. Using the altii content link, altii provides institutional investors with an overview of market commentaries. more
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  • Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H.

    Nachhaltige Entwicklungsziele: SDGs und Unternehmen

    04/26/2017 – Dass Nachhaltigkeit zum Megatrend geworden ist, wird auch durch die Entwicklung der so genannten SDGs unterstrichen. Diese Abkürzung steht für „Sustainable Development Goals“ oder „Ziele für nachhaltige Entwicklung“. Damit bemühen sich die Vereinten ... more
  • ETF Securities (UK) Limited

    Gratwanderung der Zentralbanken

    04/26/2017 – In diesem Jahr werden die globalen Zinssätze einen entscheidenden Wendepunkt erreichen, prognostiziert ETF Securities, einer der weltweit führenden Anbieter von Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). Nach beinahe einer Dekade künstlich niedriger Zinsen ... more
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  • ETF Securities (UK) Limited

    Macht der Markt beim VIX den nächsten Fehler?

    06/22/2017 – Laut VIX, dem Index für die Marktvolatilität, fehlt es im Markt gegenwärtig an jeglicher Angst. Blickt man auf die aktuelle Weltlage mit ihrer politischen Instabilität, tragen die Anleger unseres Erachtens eine Sorglosigkeit zur Schau, die Grund zur ... more
  • Pictet Asset Management

    Emerging Markets Monitor - June 2017

    06/22/2017 – Pictet Asset Management’s monthly selection of the key charts and data trends to watch in the emerging market space. With world growth synchronised for the first time since 2010, external demand should continue to boost emerging growth, especially if ... more
  • Wachsende Risiken erfordern größere Vorsicht bei Fixed-Income-Investoren

    06/22/2017 – Die geldpolitischen Maßnahmen der großen Zentralbanken dürften in der zweiten Jahreshälfte verstärkt prüfende Blicke auf sich ziehen, wenn Investoren nach weiteren Anzeichen dafür suchen, dass die Ära der expansiven Geldpolitik zu Ende geht. „Die ... more
  • ETF Securities (UK) Limited

    Fed normalisation to cap any potential upside

    06/21/2017 – Over the past month, the market has endured a plethora of potential risk events, such as the French and UK elections, the ongoing political gyrations in the US and the Greek debt decision. As we expected, most outcomes have been followed by a strong ... more
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  • LRI Group mit neuer Leitung im Bereich Human Resources

    06/21/2017 – LRI Group erhält Verstärkung im Personalbereich: Seit 15. Juni 2017 ist Astrid Mayrhofer Head of Human Resources und übernimmt damit die Leitung der Personalabteilung. Sie verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung im Bereich Human Resources in Österreich, ... more
  • Jupiter erweitert sein Anleiheteam um zwei Schwellenländeranalysten

    06/19/2017 – Der börsennotierte Investmentmanager Jupiter verstärkt ab sofort mit Nachu Chockalingam und Reza Karim als Kreditanalysten sein Fixed-Income-Team. Die beiden Experten fokussieren sich vor allem auf Schwellenländer und berichten an Hilary Blandy, ... more
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  • Martin Lycko

    The Value of Social Media – And How to Measure it

    05/27/2017 – von Martin Lycko, Content Manager bei altii
    The potential benefit of using social media is broad: Asset and wealth managers can enhance their reputation, building client relationships, boost retention and support interaction. Different KPIs help to measure Social Media campaigns during the client life cycle. more
  • Christian Salow

    Boilerplates, Links and Mega Benefits!

    03/24/2017 – von Christian Salow, Managing Director altii
    Surely you know that: You are reading a post that you really appreciate. You will notice how the author comes from the central statements of the text to a professional conclusion. Then you realize the last full stop. Too bad, you think, because you still have a few questions. more