• Value creating risk management

    08/25/2016 – The better an insurer’s enterprise risk management, the better he performed during the financial crisis. McKinsey shows the elements of an effective framework that reduces volatility and improves capital performance. more
  • Firms working on improving disclose effectiveness

    08/22/2016 – Key stakeholders are requiring deeper insights into a company’s performance, strategy, governance, and risks. Surveying more than 120 executives, EY investigates, how corporations are improving their financial reports. more
  • Changing the rules of portfolio construction

    08/18/2016 – Asset allocation decision account to about 35 to 40 percent for the performance differences between funds. McKinsey finds that institutional investors are increasingly willing to rethinking their approaches and processes. more
  • Four business models will survive

    08/15/2016 – 2015 was not an easy year for asset managers. Their performance was as bad as 2008, says the Boston Consulting Group in its annual study. Many asset managers must revise their business models accordingly. more
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  • Erstmals Kapital von der Crowd für ein Studentenwohnheim

    08/25/2016 – Nachdem mit dem Bürogebäude „TechPark E17“ in Erlangen trotz Sommerpause auch das dritte Projekt von zinsbaustein.de in weniger als 15 Tagen finanziert wurde, steht nun das erste crowdfinanzierte Studentenwohnheim an: Für eine moderne ... more
  • Return in German Property Index Highest Since 2009

    08/25/2016 – MSCI Inc. (NYSE: MSCI) has recorded an annualized total return of 3.7% in the second quarter in IPD German Quarterly Spezialfonds Index (SFIX). The annualized total return of 3.7% is the highest total return since the third quarter 2009. This figure ... more
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  • “e-Health als soziale Investionschance.“

    08/15/2016 – SPOTNiQ entwickelt digitale Produkte und Services. Die Firma wurde als Start-up 2015 in Frankfurt am Main gegründet und konzentriert sich auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Krankenhäuser und anderen medizinischen Einrichtungen und Dienstleistungserbringern. ... more
  • ETF Securities (UK) Limited

    Potential benefits of a precious metals allocation

    08/02/2016 – Adding a precious metals allocation to a diversified stock-bond portfolio has historically increased portfolio efficiency – lowering risk while increasing return. Precious metals act as core risk management tools for investors by providing effective ... more
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  • Seval Dogan

    How Important are Pictures and Videos on the Internet?

    07/21/2016 – von Seval Dogan, Marketing Specialist at Business Wire
    If you use the internet frequently, you will probably say that pictures and videos are an important part of the experience. But just how important are they? Seval Dogan and Kai Prager, both Business Wire, provide an answer based on Business Wire's latest MEDIAtreff in Frankfurt. more
  • Martin Lycko

    The rise of electronic platforms

    05/05/2016 – von Martin Lycko, Content Manager bei altii
    While electronic platforms to inform investors and distribute products are quite common for many assets in the financial industry, wealth managers have been slow to adapt to new technologies. Many reasons force them to change this view with drastic consequences for their industry. more

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