• Has momentum lost its mojo?
    Factor Investing

    Has momentum lost its mojo?

    Historically it has often paid to buy into assets that have already performed well recently. John Roe, Legal & General Investment Management, with a warning tale about why factors can fail if there's a big change in market dynamics.

  • An alternative approach to investing in Japan Inc

    An alternative approach to investing in Japan Inc

    Japan is an especially rich hunting ground for equity investors looking to achieve long-term capital growth with a market neutral approach, explains Teruhiko Nishimura, Pictet Asset Management.

  • Time to seize the European small cap equity opportunity
    Small caps

    Time to seize the European small cap equity opportunity

    Favourable valuations, positive earnings momentum coupled with a slowly improving macro backdrop could provide a timely opportunity to invest in European small cap stocks, explains Aneeka Gupta, WisdomTree.

  • Can ESG and diversification be compatible in portfolio construction?

    Can ESG and diversification be compatible in portfolio construction?

    Dave Barron, Legal & General Investment Management, explains what effect this has on investors' exposure and how investors can best balance ESG and portfolio diversification.

  • Food revolution starts on the plate

    Food revolution starts on the plate

    The food we eat today is killing both - people and the planet. Our diet needs to change radically to deliver healthier and more sustainable meals to the world's population, says Dr Sandro Demaio, Medical Doctor and global health expert At EAT Forum.

  • Eurex takes ESG derivatives to a global level

    02/04/2020 – Two experts from Eurex explore the firm’s decision to expand its range of ESG futures on European and global indexes to meet growing demand, and why driving a change of behaviour is top of its priority list. more
  • Eurex: The evolving role of collateral

    02/04/2020 – Many firms seek more efficient solutions for managing their liquidity and collateral. This year’ Derivatives Forum dedicates an entire stream to Capital & Collateral Efficiencies. more
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  • Raiffeisen Kapitalanlage-Gesellschaft m.b.H.

    Investieren in Megatrends Thema: Smart Farming

    02/25/2020 – von Günther Schmitt, Fondsmanager des Raiffeisen-MegaTrends-Aktien. Der Klimawandel und seine Auswirkungen, die wachsende Erdbevölkerung und knappe Ressourcen sind gewaltige und immer drängendere Probleme der Menschheit. Wir werden den radikalen ... more
  • IREBS Immobilienakademie

    Law passed to regulate rental housing market in Berlin

    02/21/2020 – Dr. Benjamin Schirmer and Dr. Julius Städele, LL.M., both lawyers at CMS, one of the leading commercial law firms in Germany, explain the regulation of Berlin's housing market in IRE|BS Immobilienakademie's publication more
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  • State Street Global Advisors

    Dividendenstrategien in europäischen Aktienmärkten

    02/26/2020 – von Stefan Kuhn, Managing Director und Head of SPDR ETF Deutschland. Trotz potentiell erhöhter Volatilität sehen wir immer noch gute Chancen an den europäischen Aktienmärkten. Für Investoren, die langfristig in europäische Aktien investieren möchten ... more
  • Was Anleihelaufzeiten im Portfolio bewirken

    02/25/2020 – von Pierre Debru, Director, Research, WisdomTree. Der vorige Teil II dieser Reihe konzentrierte sich auf defensive Aktienstrategien und zeigte, wie Exposures von Quality oder Multi-Faktor zur Bewältigung der aktuellen Unsicherheit auf den Weltmärkten ... more
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