• Has momentum lost its mojo?
    Factor Investing

    Has momentum lost its mojo?

    Historically it has often paid to buy into assets that have already performed well recently. John Roe, Legal & General Investment Management, with a warning tale about why factors can fail if there's a big change in market dynamics.

  • An alternative approach to investing in Japan Inc

    An alternative approach to investing in Japan Inc

    Japan is an especially rich hunting ground for equity investors looking to achieve long-term capital growth with a market neutral approach, explains Teruhiko Nishimura, Pictet Asset Management.

  • Time to seize the European small cap equity opportunity
    Small caps

    Time to seize the European small cap equity opportunity

    Favourable valuations, positive earnings momentum coupled with a slowly improving macro backdrop could provide a timely opportunity to invest in European small cap stocks, explains Aneeka Gupta, WisdomTree.

  • Can ESG and diversification be compatible in portfolio construction?

    Can ESG and diversification be compatible in portfolio construction?

    Dave Barron, Legal & General Investment Management, explains what effect this has on investors' exposure and how investors can best balance ESG and portfolio diversification.

  • Food revolution starts on the plate

    Food revolution starts on the plate

    The food we eat today is killing both - people and the planet. Our diet needs to change radically to deliver healthier and more sustainable meals to the world's population, says Dr Sandro Demaio, Medical Doctor and global health expert At EAT Forum.

  • The Diplomatic World Universe establishes media partnership with altii

    11/01/2019 – The Diplomatic World Magazine and the sister organization, the Diplomatic World Institute, establish a bilateral media partnership with alternative investor information (altii). more
  • FundForum Global ESG & Impact 2019

    10/11/2019 – Join 150+ asset managers, fund selectors and industry experts on 12.-13. November in Amsterdam to share insights in small group conversations about regulation, portfolio risk, clients, metrics, product innovation and marketing. altii members can secure a 10% discount. more
  • Investment opportunities in water sustainability

    09/04/2019 – Nearly a third of the world is subject to water stress. Thomas Schumann Capital has identified two key strategies through which savvy, forward-looking investors can realize significant returns while contributing to global water sustainability. more
  • Water investing in an even hotter world

    07/17/2019 – In ValueWalk’s Q&A session, Thomas Schumann, founder of the Water Security Fund, discusses the fund’s structure, the water crisis outside America, and the correlation between Africa’s population and climate change. more
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  • Johnsons Wette zahlte sich aus

    12/13/2019 – Aneeka Gupta, Associate Director, Research, WisdomTree, zum Wahlsieg der Konservativen Partei bei den Parlamentswahlen in Großbritannien: "Nachdem Johnsons überstürzte Brexit-Vereinbarung mit der EU mißlang, hat seine Wette auf eine vorgezogene Wahl ... more
  • Pictet Asset Management

    Innovation für eine gesündere Welt

    12/12/2019 – Von Big Data bis hin zu Smart Beds – Technologie revolutioniert unsere Gesundheit und eröffnet attraktive Investmentgelegenheiten, zeigt Lydia Haueter, Senior Investment Manager bei more
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  • In diesen Aktienregionen sehen professionelle Anleger Wertpotenzial

    12/12/2019 – Investoren beurteilen Schwellenländeraktien aktuell positiver als im vergangenen Jahr: Während vor einem Jahr nur 51% der Meinung waren, dass Schwellenländeraktien attraktive risikobereinigte Renditen bieten, sind es aktuell 67%. Das ist eines der ... more
  • Wo sind Wohnimmobilieninvestments besonders nachhaltig?

    12/12/2019 – Die Empira Gruppe, ein führender Investment-Manager für institutionelle Immobilieninvestments im deutschsprachigen Europa, hat in ihrer neuesten Studie die Nachhaltigkeit 60 großer Wohnimmobilienmärkte untersucht. Indikatoren, die analysiert wurden, ... more
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