Insurers may invest in German infrastructure

German insurance companies said that they may back a government call to invest about 7 billion Euro to cover the financing of German infrastructure investments in bridges and roads.

UBS hedge fund quits REIT

According to an regulatory statement, the UBS hedge fund O’Connor LLC was selling nearly all of it’s american real estate investment trusts in the last quarter.

Soy bear run extends

The improving conditions for soy bean growing and the upcoming record harvest in the US, worlds largest producer, made money managers go short in soy beans for five weeks in a row. This is the longest sequence since 2006.

German economy slows down in Q2

Germany’s economic growth fell in the second quarter of this year by 0.2% compared to the previous quarter. Experts say that this is the effect of geopolitical effects in the short term but also upcoming structural problems in the long term.

Hedge fund to make 40% of asset management revenues

According to a study from McKinsey & Co published last week, hedge funds, private equity firms and other alternative investments will receive up to 40% of the revenues made in the asset management industry by 2020.

Yields and risks of infrastructure investments

Infrastructure investments are popular due to many advantages as attractive returns, security against inflation, reliable cash flows and low correlation with other asset classes but increasing interest rates are a risk for their returns.

New infrastructure platform of Swiss pension funds

Five of Switzerland’s largest pension funds are behind a new infrastructure investment platform, structured as an evergreen, which had its first closing at CHF 300m (€ 247m) with a substantially higher target volume. 

Hedge fund without performance fee

Convoy Investment LLC, a global macro hedge fund, is going to apply another fee structure to their fund and differ from the established performance fee.

Current M&A deals bad for investors

Some experts say that the M&A market is overstretched. Due to the high share prices and the low interest rate, a lot of expensive M&A deals are pursued that do not enhance corporate growth.