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Lumyna and BlueCove partner to launch the Lumyna – BlueCove Alternative Credit UCITS Fund

Press ReleasesLumyna and BlueCove partner to launch the Lumyna - BlueCove Alternative Credit UCITS Fund

Lumyna Funds (“Lumyna”) and BlueCove Limited (“BlueCove”) today announced the launch of the Lumyna – BlueCove Alternative Credit UCITS Fund (the “Fund”) on the Lumyna platform.

The Fund launched on 17th of December 2020 with AuM of circa $120m. The Fund will provide investors with access to a global credit absolute return strategy via BlueCove’s proprietary scientific, data-driven investment process. The Fund aims to deliver market neutral returns via investments across a highly diversified liquid universe of fixed income instruments.

“We are thrilled to bring BlueCove to the Lumyna platform. BlueCove is a highly innovative investment manager, many of whose investment professionals and engineers have been at the forefront of scientific fixed income market development since its inception. BlueCove operates data- driven and transparent firm-level scientific investment processes enabling a highly diversified and modular approach to portfolio construction. With BlueCove we bring investors access to real innovation in fixed income investing in the UCITS space,” said Philippe Lopategui, CEO of Lumyna.

Alex Khein, CEO of BlueCove, said: “We are truly delighted to partner with Lumyna on the launch of a UCITS version of BlueCove’s scientific fixed income strategies. Our objective in the Fund is to provide investors access to modern and innovative scientific fixed income solutions with an absolute return profile highly complementary to their existing portfolio holdings.”

Commenting on the launch, Paul Holmes, Global Head of Fund Distribution at Lumyna noted: “We see increasing interest amongst our clients to find alternatives to their traditional fixed income exposures. BlueCove’s approach to fixed income investing is in my view genuinely differentiated. Their scientific analysis of the idiosyncrasies of the asset class allows them to provide a level of diversification and portfolio neutrality that I believe our investors will find highly attractive.”

The Fund is a Luxembourg-regulated onshore vehicle available for eligible investors through the UCITS framework of rigorous risk, diversification, counterparty exposure, liquidity and eligible asset constraints.

The Fund is available for sale to eligible investors in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom via Lumyna’s network of distributors.

About Lumyna

Lumyna is an $18bn AuM market-leading asset management platform, focused on liquid alternative funds and bespoke investment strategies. It has been operating since 2007 and from the end of November 2018, Lumyna has been a part of the Generali Group’s multi-boutique business. Find out more at www.lumyna.com.

About BlueCove

BlueCove was founded in 2018 to research and develop state-of-the-art scientific investment processes applicable to the asset class of fixed income. Its scientific fixed income investment solutions are designed to offer investors both an alternative and a complement to the traditional discretionary fixed income strategies that dominate their portfolios today. Its core investment, research and engineering teams have been at the forefront of the development of the scientific fixed income industry since 2005.
Through its business model of employee ownership, fixed income specialisation, and utilisation of modern technology, BlueCove is committed to delivering innovative solutions to clients. BlueCove believes that a scientific investment approach to each step of the investment process leads to better and differentiated outcomes for client portfolios.