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Timberland investments – portfolio diversification and a hedge against inflation

EventsTimberland investments – portfolio diversification and a hedge against inflation

Virtual Event / Livestream

Wednesday, 15-Feb-2023 – 14:00h CET / 15:00h EET, duration 45 minutes plus QnA


Timberland investments – portfolio diversification and a hedge against inflation

Diversification with competitive returns into renewable resources in an economically and politically stable region of the Nordics

United Bankers, a Finnish asset manager firmly rooted in the Nordic region, is an expert in forestry investments.

In this high-quality livestream, three experts will comment on the following topics:

  • The overview of forestry investments in the Nordics
  • A deep dive into the asset class timber, opportunities, risks, and effects on diversification and inflation
  • The positive ESG character of investments in timberland, impact and sustainability

The Speakers:

Dick Ehrnrooth, Head of International Distribution, gives an overview of the Nordic region and an insight into forestry investments.

Jyri Hietala, CEO, UB Nordic Forest Management Ltd, uses concrete examples to explain the context and structure of the investments. He goes into detail about opportunities and risks. He shows the ability to diversify in the existing portfolio and explains the positive properties of a hedge against inflation.

Seela Sinisalo, Head of ESG, evaluates these investments in the context of a sustainable view and shows the ESG properties of investments in renewable raw materials. She provides insight into the chain of effects of impact and the influence on climate change.

The Target Group:

Institutional investors, professional investment and wealth managers, family offices, foundations, CIOs, head of asset allocation, head of risk management, decision makers in ESG, sustainability and impact.


The registered audience will have the opportunity to send questions in advance and to ask them during the event.

About United Bankers:

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