Sunday 4-Dec-2022
1.9 C
Frankfurt am Main

United Bankers – 2nd Nordic Real Assets Lunch 2022

EventsUnited Bankers - 2nd Nordic Real Assets Lunch 2022

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For institutional investors and family offices in particular, real assets have always been an integral part of capital allocation. Especially in times of geopolitical crises and inflation, they offer stable and diversified cash flows. United Bankers – a Finnish asset manager firmly rooted in the Nordic region – has specialized in real assets for many years, focusing on investments in forestry.

„Successful Participation in the Forestry Value Chain for Professional Investors“

12:00 – 16:00h CET

Onsite: Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof
Am Kaiserplatz, Bethmannstraße 33, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Livestream: The event was recorded –



11:00 Event reception open
11:45 Livestream on air
12:00 Start of the event

12:00 Welcome statement
Dick Ehrnrooth, Head of International Distribution, United Bankers

12:10 Keynote United Bankers in the DACH region
Patrick Anderson, CEO, United Bankers

12:25 Finland – an important partner for Germany in sustainability and innovation
Hubertus Kolster, Honorary Consul of Finland in Hessen

12:45 Timber as an asset class – Lunch presentation
Jyri Hietala, CEO, UB Nordic Forest Management Ltd

13:30 The value chain of forestry – Lunch presentation
David Walker, Timber and Forestry Products Specialist, United Bankers

14:15 Break 15 Minutes

14:30 ESG – The nordic approach
Seela Sinisalo, Head of ESG – Responsibility Manager, United Bankers

15:00 Im Trend: Forstwirtschaft als Real Assets für Family Offices und institutionelle Anleger
Alexandra von Kalnein, Geschäftsführerin, Natango Invest GmbH

15:15 Summary
Dick Ehrnrooth, Head of International Distribution, United Bankers

15:20 Networking