Securing Retirement Systems is getting more difficult

Natixis Global AM says in their study “Global Retirement Index 2015” that developed and emerging countries are getting more difficulties when securing their retirement systems. Asset managers should thus provide the right products.

Infrastructure: An opportunity for insurers?

The EU’s plan to invest 315 billion Euro in infrastructure may be a chance for insurance companies to participate in long-term projects and achieve substantial returns in times of low interest rates. A win-win-situation is possible.

Alternative UCITS expected to grow in 2015

Assets under Management in alternative UCITS have grow in the past year by 41 percent to 224.3 billion Euro, says Alceda. The grow in this market segment is expected to continue.

Moody’s concerned about German Life-Assurance

2015 is, according to a Moody’s paper, a year full of challenges for the German life insurance market. Low interest rates, the ECB’s QE-program as well as regulatory changes could drive small insurers out of business.

Hedge Funds are optimistic

The hedge fund industry is optimistic: Managers are expecting high inflows if they can communicate the usefulness of their asset class. More about the findings of a State Street survey here.

ETF Assets to pass $3 trillion in 2015

According to Deutsche Bank Research, assets invested in ETFs have reached $2.64 trillion in 2014 due to record inflows. According to their paper, ETF assets will surpass the $3 trillion milestone within this year.

Market for active ETFs grows by 16.5%

Investors switch from passive to active ETFs due to increasing volatility on the markets and the wish for a manager’s guidance. A total of $17 billion is now invested in active ETFs.

SEC: Private Equity Firms fixed major Issues

SEC officials say that private equity firms, which where subject to investigations three years ago, have fixed the most important deficiencies but their transparency could still be improved.

US Hedge Fund Industry hits $3 trillion

In 2014, US hedge funds have received net inflows not seen within the last seven years. The overall industry size is now close to $3 trillion, says hedge fund trackers HFR on Tuesday.

Hedge Fund closes after SNB Decision

Currency speculators, global macro hedge funds and banks with short position in the Swiss Franc face massive losses after the SNB announced to remove the cap on their currency against the Euro.

Venture Capital with massive Inflows in 2014

Due to increasing start-up valuations and a record of venture-backed IPOs, investors got attracted to venture capital investments. VC-funds have received outstanding sums last year.

904 Hedge Funds closed in 2014

For hedge funds, 2014 was not a good year: Regardless of the index you look at, hedge funds have not outperformed the market. Due to decreasing investments, 904 hedge funds had to close last year.

Bill Gross: “Good Times are Over”

Bill Gross, the former manager of the world’s largest bond fund, says that the prices for many assets will fall because low interest rates cannot lead to increasing economic growth.

Active Trading beneficial for Performance

Many investors believe that actively managed funds under-perform passive products that just replicate an index. A new study shows: A greater trading activity of a fund is increasing its performance.