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Smartenergy acquires majority stake in Rewatt

Press ReleasesSmartenergy acquires majority stake in Rewatt

Smartenergy acquires majority stake in Rewatt, a solar energy for self-consumption solutions provider, strengthening its position as integrated player in the entire energy value chain

The Swiss investment company and the Portuguese developer are joining forces to drive the energy transition and to take advantage of the growth opportunities offered by industrial self-consumption and energy communities in Portugal and across Europe

Porto, August 26th, 2022 Smartenergy and Rewatt closed an agreement that makes the Swiss company the new majority shareholder of the Portuguese developer. Together they will expand the existing business of Rewatt and harvest the synergies between them.

Rewatt has already been developing self-consumption solar rooftop solutions for SMEs and industrial customers. Smartenergy is well networked and established as a large-scale renewables investor and developer all over Europe with a very strong standing in Portugal. Together the two companies will grow the client base of Rewatt to larger corporate consumers of energy.

At the same time, new regulations in Portugal enable attractive business models with energy communities. This will be the second growth area for the newborn partnership, bringing green energy to an even wider range of consumers through sharing communities.

The focus is currently mainly on Portugal. In addition, the two partners want to push expansion in Europe.

“Investing in Rewatt is another example of Smartenergy continuing its rapid growth path. It shows our flexibility and speed to adapt to changing market situations. With this acquisition Smartenergy is now tapping into the potential of the fast-growing segment C&I across our markets,” said João Cunha, COO and Deputy CEO of Smartenergy.

Ricardo Meireles, CEO of Rewatt: “This partnership with Smartenergy brings to Rewatt a new capacity and a new dynamic to develop its business. Leaving the comfort zone and expanding throughout Europe, positioning itself not only close to small consumers but also to large corporate consumers, are the steps that were already outlined, but with this partnership, its implementation will accelerate. Rewatt sees Smartenergy as a reference player in the sector, an experienced, ambitious and responsible partner, capable of catapulting our business to a new level with the confidence of a Swiss company.”

About Rewatt

Rewatt is a developer of solar rooftop solutions with focus on industrial self-consumption. We develop, raise investment, install and manage those assets, facilitating the introduction and use of renewables in the Portuguese C&I segment. We were born oriented towards SMEs. Today we offer our services to the entire sector of commercial and industrial energy consumers. Additionally Rewatt is committed to develop renewable energy communities, bringing green energy to a wider range of consumers through community sharing. “Green Energy, simplified” not only represents our mission but also summarizes all the services we offer.

About Smartenergy

Smartenergy is a Swiss-based investment company dedicated to renewable energy. We identify, develop and deliver green energy assets. We are a driving force in the ongoing transition of the industry towards green energy being focused on the deployment of solar, wind and green hydrogen projects. We are committed to pursuing the potential of hydrogen and related technology as an ideal complement for utilizing and storing renewable energy.

Smartenergy, founded in 2011, is headquartered in Wollerau, Switzerland. Beyond our Team in Wollerau, we rely on our own local subsidiaries in all major markets in Europe. Local knowledge and proximity to the industry stakeholders allow us to identify and secure opportunities at an early stage while creating synergies across the entire value chain.