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altii Roundtable: Sustainability, Biodiversity and Planetary Health, 13.05.2024

altii-eventsaltii Roundtable: Sustainability, Biodiversity and Planetary Health, 13.05.2024


2nd altii Roundtable: “Sustainability, Biodiversity and Planetary Health”

Are professional investors in the DACH region actively contributing to planetary health?

Discover more about sustainability, the critical importance of preserving biodiversity, and the concept of planetary health.

Experience an engaging keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Christian Schulz, author and managing director of the Climate and Health Alliance (KLUG e.V.), as he introduces the concept of planetary health. He will highlight the imminent risks to our planet and humanity, while also exploring transformative pathways.

The 2nd Frankfurt event will focus on concrete use cases and investment strategies related to sustainability, biodiversity, and planetary health. This event will be recorded and streamed internationally.

Highlights include two interactive panels featuring representatives from both science and asset management:

  1. In the first panel, Dr. Armin Sanhövel will discuss the role and significance of institutional investors in achieving sustainability and biodiversity goals, alongside experts from international asset management firms.
  2. The second panel will delve into the differences and similarities between professional and private investments when considering sustainability and impact. Renowned professionals will provide insights, and specific implementation paths for professional investors will be explored.
    We invite both on-site and virtual attendees to actively participate in the discussions by asking questions and sharing their insights.

The recording of the event is available here.


Onsite Event & Livestream

Monday, 13-May-2023 • 14:00h -18:00h CEST

The Location

Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt • Römerberg 9 • 60311 Frankfurt/Main

Target Group Participants

Institutional investors, professional investment and wealth managers, family offices, foundations, CIOs, heads of asset allocation, heads of risk management, decision makers in ESG, sustainability, and impact, experts from teaching and research, and sustainability and biodiversity enthusiasts.


13:00 Registration

14:00 Opening Words – Christian Salow, altii, (de/en)

14:10 Keynote – Prof. Dr. Christian Schulz, Geschäftsführer der Deutschen Allianz Klimawandel und Gesundheit (KLUG e.V.): “Planetary Health – Maximale Rendite am Ende des fossilen Zeitalters”, (de)

14:50 Asset Management Use Case – Alix Chosson, Candriam Asset Management, Lead ESG Analyst – Environmental Research & Investments: “The Candriam Strategy to preserve Biodiversity”, (en)

15:10 Asset Management Use Case – Dr. Felix Philipp, Lombard Odier Investment Managers, Head of Research on Circular Economy & Materials: “Die Kreislaufwirtschaft in der praktischen Investmentumsetzung”, (de)

15:30 Asset Management Use Case – Dr. Lukas Adams, GLS Bank, Head of Institutional Clients: “Planetary Health – Vom wissenschaftlichen Konzept zur praktischen Umsetzung”, (de)

15:50 Break / Pause

16:20 Panel Discussion – moderated by Dr. Armin Sandhoevel, CEO at act to impact AG – “The contribution of institutional investors to planetary health – status quo and outlook”, (en)

  • Alix Chosson, Candriam Asset Management, Lead ESG Analyst – Environmental Research & Investments
  • Dr. Lukas Adams, GLS Bank, Head of Institutional Clients
  • Dr. Felix Philipp, Lombard Odier Investment Managers, Head of Research on Circular Economy & Materials
  • Dr. Christian Schulz, Geschäftsführer der Deutschen Allianz Klimawandel und Gesundheit (KLUG e.V.)

17:20 Podiumsdiskussion – moderiert von Markus Hill, Chefredakteur “Finanzplatz Frankfurt am Main” – “Nachhaltigkeit und Impact aus Investorensicht: Die Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen professionellen und privaten Investments”, (de)

  • Dr. André Höck, Head of ESG Integration, EB-SIM
  • Frank Huttel, Head of Portfolio Management, FiNet Asset Management
  • Karsten Kührlings, Geschäftsleiter, GLS Investments
  • Michael Zink, Chief Customer Officer, Invest in Visions

18:00 Networking

19:00 Official End

The Speakers and Panellists

Dr. Lukas Adams is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in institutional clients’ management and financial services. Currently serving as the Head of Institutional Clients at GLS Bank since January 2018. Prior to his current position, Dr. Adams held several key roles in the finance industry. From 2013 to 2017, he served as the Head of Marketing and Business Development at Lampe Asset Management GmbH, where he was responsible for various aspects including business development, consultant relationship management, and marketing campaign management. Mr. Adams received an M.A. in Politics, Geography and Sociology from the University of Wurzburg and a PhD from ETH Zurich.

Alix Chosson joined Candriam in 2020 as the Lead ESG Analyst for Environmental Research & Investments. Alix has thirteen years of experience as ESG Analyst in SRI research and portfolio management teams. She started her career at Amundi in 2010 and has more recently been sell-side ESG analyst at Natixis before joining in 2018 DNCA to contribute to the creation of the SRI team and range of funds. Alix graduated from Science Po Lyon with a master in economics and finance in 2010. In 2011 she obtained a Master in Portfolio Management from the IAE Paris 12.

Markus Hill, Chefredakteur “Finanzplatz Frankfurt am Main”, an independent asset management consultant since 2005, has a diverse professional background. He has held positions at SEB Bank, where he focused on marketing, product management, and investment banking, as well as at Credit Suisse Asset Management, where he worked in sales and asset management. Markus specializes in managing mandates in marketing and PR, as well as conducting product research. With experience as the former Head of Sales for mutual funds at an investment boutique, he has a strong focus on small to medium-sized asset management companies. He has also collaborated externally with a fund of funds manager. As a journalist, Markus covers topics related to fund boutiques, the use of mutual funds by institutional investors, and target fund selection in multi-management approaches. He founded “” and the LinkedIn platform “Finanzplatz Frankfurt am Main” ( Both platforms focus on the intersection of commerce and culture.

Dr. André Höck, Head of ESG Integration and Head of Sustainability and Business Development at EB – Sustainable Investment Management (EB-SIM), the sustainable asset manager of Evangelische Bank. In those roles, he is responsible for the sustainability strategy in the liquid portfolio management and the strategic development of EB-SIM. He published several articles in the field of sustainable finance, in particular on the relationship between sustainability and credit risk. Mr. Höck holds a PhD in sustainable finance from the University of Kassel and is a Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA).

Frank Huttel is Head of Portfolio Management at FiNet Asset Management. Frank is a business information scientist (Wirtschaftsinformatiker) with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he has managed various asset classes, including as a trader, portfolio and fund manager. Frank is currently the Head of Portfolio Management at FiNet Asset Management, where he has been responsible for fund selection for client portfolios since 2009. He is deeply committed to sustainable investing and has been an SRI Advisor (EBS) since January 2019. Frank is also a Climate Reality Leader, actively involved in combating climate change through “The Climate Reality Project,” a non-governmental organization founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner and former US Vice President Al Gore. Currently, Frank is responsible for fund selection for client portfolios, managing various asset classes and specializing in sustainable investing. He is also fund manager of the LSF Solar & Sustainable Energy Fund since 2009, specializing in renewable energy and sustainable investments. Frank holds a Sustainability Generation Leadership Training certificate from The Climate Reality Project (June 2018), an IASE International Sustainable Finance ® Level I Certificate (June 2021), and has been an SRI Advisor (EBS) since January 2019. Apart from his professional endeavors, Frank is a passionate triathlete and an advocate for climate change awareness and action.

Karsten Kührlings is Managing Director of GLS Investments and previously built up GLS Bank’s fund business. He holds a degree in business administration (FH) and has worked at GLS Bank since 2013. Before joining GLS Bank, he managed the securities business at Sparkasse Mülheim. In addition, he is active in several committees, in particular investment committees, and acts as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the GLS AI – Microfinance Fund. He is a graduate of the Leadership Academy of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV)

Dr. Felix Philipp leads research on Circular Economy & Materials at Lombard Odier Investment Managers for both private and listed equity funds. His research seeks to understand the nature, speed and scale of the transition from linear, extractive and wasteful systems towards a circular economy. Felix Philipp holds a Masters of Science in Business Management from University of Ingolstadt and Toulouse, as well as a doctoral degree at the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town. Prior to joining Lombard Odier Investment Managers, Felix worked at Systemiq, a leading sustainability systems change company and think-tank where he led projects in the Circular Economy and the development of the Circular Business Model cluster.

Dr. Armin Sandhoevel, CEO at act to impact AG, is a green finance pioneer with over 20 years of experience in developing, promoting, fundraising, and investing in market mechanisms to combat environmental issues. He recently served as Chief Investment Officer Infrastructure Equity for Allianz Global Investors, overseeing impact-related green infrastructure topics and developing corresponding products for third-party investors. Armin’s achievements include successfully closing several fund vehicles totalling over 1 GW in Europe and the US. Before this, he founded Allianz Climate Solutions and established a carbon-related portfolio investing in emerging markets. Armin holds a PhD in environmental and resource economics and is actively involved in environmental initiatives, serving as a Counsellor of the German Chapter of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and chairing the board of trustees of Carbon Disclosure Europe.

Prof. Dr. Christian Schulz, Managing Directorof Deutsche Allianz Klimawandel und Gesundheit (KLUG e.V.). PD Dr. Christian Schulz was Managing Senior Physician at the Clinic for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine at the Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich. Since February 2021, he has been Managing Director of KLUG Deutsche Allianz Klimawandel und Gesundheit e.V. and an expert on sustainability in the healthcare sector. He publishes on divestment, climate-resilient healthcare and is co-editor of “Planetary Health – Climate, Environment and Health in the Anthropocene”, the first reference book to summarize the medical effects of our economy. From December 2022 to October 2023, he held a substitute professorship for Planetary Heath and Public Health at the University of Bayreuth.

Podcast: altii – Das Interview “Planetary Health: Die Verbindung von Gesundheit und Umwelt – Chancen und Risiken für Investoren” in German language.

Michael Zink is Chief Customer Officer at Invest in Visions. He started his career at JP Morgans Fixed Income Division (1989-2000) before joining Goldman Sachs in Frankfurt as Co-Head of Macro Sales from 2001-2016. Before joining Invest in Visions in 2020, he headed the investor relations at the Frankfurt based student sponsor Deutsche Bildung AG.