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Fuelling Net-Zero: What Next for Clean-Tech?

Press ReleasesFuelling Net-Zero: What Next for Clean-Tech?

Reuters Events – today announced the first episode in a new three-part broadcast on Energy Transition. The past twenty years of ‘phase one’ renewables development has been widely regarded a resounding success, with renewable’s now accounting for third of global power capacity (IRENA). This first episode explores what’s next for clean tech, with exclusives for IRENA latest report and senior voices from the Hydrogen and Nuclear Fusion industries!

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The panel will feature insights from Dolf Gielen (DirectorIRENA Innovation and Technology Centre), Jonathan Carling (CEOTokamak Energy) and David Burns ( VP, Clean HydrogenLinde) as Reuters Events explore which technologies hold the key to delivering a low-carbon and sustainable future.

Explore how the elimination of CO2 emissions in industry & transport may hold the key to reaching zero with renewables, through exclusive insights from IRENA’s upcoming publication. “Global CO2 emissions are falling this year due to the COVID-19 crisis. But this is no cause for complacency. We will need deep year-on-year emission reductions in the coming decades to reach net-zero by mid-century” – comments Mr. Gielen, Director of IRENA’s Innovation and Technology Centre.

With Hydrogen increasingly touted as a crucial fuel carrier of the future, the session will place this technology within the wider clean-tech sphere and explore how companies are mobilising around this opportunity. 

“Hydrogen plays a key role in enabling decarbonization and is taking off as a global mega-trend. Mobility is just the beginning though: there is huge potential in other applications as well, such as feedstock in refineries and steel mills, power buffering and building heating” comments Linde’s Clean Hydrogen Vice President, David Burns. “At Linde, we are well equipped to support this transition to a clean energy economy and we believe that the business will increase substantially over the next few years.”

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The session will further deep-dive into the world of Nuclear Fusion, through an exclusive interview with CEO Tokamak Energy. Speaking after their recent £10 million funding grant from the UK Government, Mr. Carling noted, ““Tokamak Energy has an outstanding track record of validating the potential of compact spherical tokamaks to meet energy demand in a safe, clean, cost effective and reliable way.

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