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Lumyna and Weiss partner to launch the Lumyna – Weiss Multi-Strategy UCITS Fund

Press ReleasesLumyna and Weiss partner to launch the Lumyna – Weiss Multi-Strategy UCITS Fund

Lumyna Funds (“Lumyna”) and Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers LLC (“Weiss”) today announced the launch of the Lumyna – Weiss Multi-Strategy UCITS Fund (the “Fund”) on the Lumyna platform.

The Fund launched on 4th of June 2021 with AuM of over $70m and will provide access to a daily liquidity, actively managed, market neutral multi-strategy designed to achieve attractive and consistent risk adjusted returns with moderate volatility, lower drawdowns and reduced long term correlation to equity, bond and hedge fund markets.

The strategy employs a rigorous, risk-controlled approach to a range of liquid and diversified sub-strategies generating returns from three sources. A Core Market Neutral portfolio consisting of approximately 20 fundamental, actively managed, sector focused, sub-strategies with a focus on developed markets, paired with two discretionarily managed overlay strategies aiming to enhance risk adjusted returns through asset class diversification.

“We are excited to partner with Weiss and provide Lumyna investors with exclusive access to the performance of the Weiss absolute return, Core Market Neutral investments in a daily liquidity format. Weiss provides an innovative investment process and cutting-edge thought leadership, bringing to the platform a long term, proven track record of strong, risk-adjusted, differentiated returns” said Philippe Lopategui, CEO of Lumyna.

Jordi Visser, Chief Investment Officer at Weiss said: “Weiss seeks to provide excellence in alternatives and this fund and partnership provides an opportunity to expand access to a broader group of investors. This is a logical extension of our core competencies and we couldn’t ask for a more innovative partner than Lumyna.”

Paul Holmes, Global Head of Fund Distribution at Lumyna commented on the launch, noting: “Our investors have been requesting a classical, discretionary multi-strategy UCITS solution for some time, and so we are delighted to have been able to partner with a manager of the quality of Weiss in this space. Their unique approach to multi-strategy investing has consistently delivered a high degree of idiosyncratic alpha, in a diversified and strongly risk-controlled approach. Lumyna are delighted to welcome Jordi and the wider Weiss team to the platform and to provide UCITS investors with this exciting new addition to the liquid Alternatives space.”

The Fund is a Luxembourg-regulated onshore vehicle available for eligible investors through the UCITS framework of rigorous risk, diversification, counterparty exposure, liquidity and eligible asset constraints.

The Fund will be available for sale, pending regulatory registration, to eligible investors in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom via our distributors.

About Lumyna

Lumyna is an $18bn AUM market-leading asset management platform, focused on liquid alternative funds and bespoke investment strategies. It has been operating since 2007 and from the end November 2018, Lumyna has been a part of the Generali Group’s multi-boutique business. Find out more at

About Weiss

Weiss is an asset management firm with an over 40-year history, through its affiliates. Weiss is focused on an innovative investment process, insightful data analytics, cutting-edge thought leadership and authentic philanthropy.
Weiss aims to deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns for clients. The Weiss approach attempts to balance the forward-looking views of its portfolio managers with its robust, proprietary data analytics system to provide risk management. Weiss investment teams are sector specialists and bring diversity in perspective and experience. Weiss portfolio managers have an average tenure of approximately 10 years with the firm.