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Stranded Liabilities and Stranded Assets

Press ReleasesStranded Liabilities and Stranded Assets

Stranded Liabilities and Stranded Assets – A case study on the Cost of Retiring Long-Lived Infrastructure and The Financial Solutions Available 

LIVE: Wednesday 16th September (15:00BST/10:00 EDT)

Join Reuters Events for a free webinar as leading experts give you exclusive insights on ‘Stranded Assets and Stranded Liabilities: The Cost of Retiring Long-Lived Infrastructure and The Financial Solutions Available’: https://bit.ly/2ZrkJ5j

You will learn:

  • How assets that become stranded accelerate associated retirement costs, in certain cases exceeding company and industry resources
  • How companies are not being transparent about valuation assumptions and how you can augment disclosed information
  • How regulatory demand for liability financial assurance is adding production cost burden and quickening the pace that assets are becoming stranded

Understand the financial solutions to the stranded liabilities risk, including decommissioning bonds and other funding solutions.

  • General introduction on alternatives
  • Main benefits of prefunding
  • Comparing liquid (cash allocation/bond issuance) to illiquid (transfer of companies’ real assets to a decommissioning vehicle) solutions
  • Key metrics and standards used in ESG space to factor in liability risks

Shadia Nasralla, Oil & Gas correspondent on the energy desk, Reuters

Expert Speakers:
Nathalie Wallace, Global Head ESG Investment Strategy, State Street Global Advisors
Greg Rogers, Senior Advisor, Carbon Tracker
Julien Halfon, Head of Pension and Corporate Solutions, BNPP AM
Chrysta Castañeda, Lawyer and Candidate Standing for Texas Railroad Commission 

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