• Zerofication
    Fees, funds and feelings


    Asset managers have engaged in a race to the bottom in recent years, with providers competing to offer increasingly low fees, explains Fadi Zaher, Legal & General Investment Management. But what is the true cost?

  • Why ESG trends matter
    Passive investing

    Why ESG trends matter

    Passive managers can be as loud as active managers when it comes to keeping watch over companies and influencing management to act in the best interests of shareholders, society and the environment, explains François Millet, Lyxor ETF.

  • Investment opportunities in technology
    Technology Investment

    Investment opportunities in technology

    Technology is by far the best performing stock market sector so far this year. Think the tech sector's fate is in the hands of a few big name stars? Think again, asks Supriya Menon, Senior Multi Asset Strategist at Pictet Asset Management.

  • Harnessing the data science revolution
    Data Insights and Analytics

    Harnessing the data science revolution

    A mass of new information types, combined with new methods of analysis is giving investors the tools to enhance long-term performance, argue Ben Wicks and Mark Ainsworth, both Schroders.

  • Water investing in an even hotter world

    07/17/2019 – In ValueWalk’s Q&A session, Thomas Schumann, founder of the Water Security Fund, discusses the fund’s structure, the water crisis outside America, and the correlation between Africa’s population and climate change. more
  • Innovation in pensions and retail investments

    06/05/2019 – From open pensions and retirement solutions, to robo advice and open APIs, Horizons: Lifetime Savings & Investments on 18-19 June covers it all. Get your discount now! more
  • Indirect effects of the trade war affect Europe and Canada

    05/29/2019 – Economists at S&P Global Ratings believe that the trade war’s direct effect on the US and Chinese economy is likely to be minimal. However, trade-dependent economies, including Europe and Canada, will be affected. more
  • The Carlyle Group sells vwd to Infront

    04/12/2019 – Global investment firm The Carlyle Group announced that it has agreed to sell vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH, a European provider of software solutions for investment professionals, to Infront ASA. more
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  • Erste Asset Management GmbH

    Eine italienische Tragödie – Mezzoforte

    08/23/2019 – von Markus Auer, Discretionary Portfolio Management der Erste Asset Management. Seit seiner Berufung zum Ministerpräsidenten Italiens, wird Giuseppe Conte mit der Figur des Arlecchino verglichen. In Carlo Goldonis Komödie „Der Diener zweier Herren“ ... more
  • Ein natürliches Heilmittel wird zu einem neuen Milliardenmarkt

    08/23/2019 – Die Wirtschaftsprognosen sind atemberaubend. So stellen verschiedenste Analysten fest, dass der gegenwärtige CBD-Markt bereits Milliardenumsätze generiert und eine Vervielfachung in den nächsten Jahren wahrscheinlich ist, erklärt Daniel Stehr, ... more
  • Pictet Asset Management

    China bald an Bord?

    08/22/2019 – Nach Jahren des Wartens dürfte es bald soweit sein, dass China in den vielbeachteten JP Morgan GBI-EM GD Index aufgenommen wird, erklärt Mary-Therese Barton, Head of Emerging Market Debt bei more
  • Legal & General Investment Management

    LGIM kommentiert die aktuelle politische Krise in Italien

    08/22/2019 – Hetal Mehta, Senior European Economist bei Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM), kommentiert die aktuelle politische Krise in Italien: „Mit dem Rücktritt von Italiens Premierminister Giuseppe Conte endet die rein zeremonielle Rolle des ... more
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  • Michal Dallos

    Corporate Direct Investment: to Diversify or to Guide & Develop?

    05/28/2018 – von Michal Dallos, Geschäftsführer von Liamont Ventures & Strategy
    However, corporate direct investment requires a different mindset than investing in shares, bonds or various financial instruments. At the end of the day, those who pursue an active, entrepreneurial approach to their investments will succeed. more
  • Martin Lycko

    The Value of Social Media – And How to Measure it

    05/27/2017 – von Martin Lycko, Content Manager bei altii
    The potential benefit of using social media is broad: Asset and wealth managers can enhance their reputation, building client relationships, boost retention and support interaction. Different KPIs help to measure Social Media campaigns during the client life cycle. more