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EIF’s Forum on Venture Capital and Private Equity in Zurich, 11-May-2023

altii-eventsEIF's Forum on Venture Capital and Private Equity in Zurich, 11-May-2023

The path to net-zero through impact, growth & IRR

The focus of the forum will be around the development of the Greentech SME ecosystem, and how impact-driven investment can support innovations, reduce CO2 emissions, while simultaneously providing attractive returns to investors and contributing to sustainable economic growth.

The EIF has for nearly 20 years been investing in the climate and environmental space, and is among the pioneers in Europe implementing impact measurements in investment strategies. The speakers from EIF will present interesting cases of recent investments and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Greentech and Impact space, with special emphasis on EIF’s Impact Performance Methodology and how it works.

We will also have an overview of the state of the European SME market.

This forum is held by the EIF, in cooperation with AISA Capital Services, representing EIF’s business development activities in Switzerland (AMUF/SDUF).

11:30 – 17:00h CET


Zunfthaus zur Waag
Münsterhof 8
8001 Zurich, Switzerland (maps)

Livestream: International access from 12:30 CET


Preliminary agenda


11:30 Registration and Networking lunch buffet

12:30 Welcome and Introduction to European Investment Fund
EIF’s pivotal role supporting European real economy, innovation, and competitiveness by connecting financial resources, both governmental and private, to European SMEs via the best PE & VC fund managers
Joanna Kennila, EIF, Institutional Client Manager DACH & Nordics

12:45 The Greentech investment landscape in Europe
EIF’s working paper n. 86 – analysing the deal activities and the role of financial markets on the Greentech ecosystem – with its products and services presenting unprecedented growth prospects, packed with innovations helping us to respond and adapt to the reality of an altered climate, and to reach our targets and goals.
Wouter Torfs, EIF, Research & Market Analyses

13:00 European Venture Capital – Key to European innovation & leadership
European VC is mature, resilient and holding up. We will discuss why European venture capital is well positioned to benefit from today’s market environment, rising global inflation, the energy crisis, and an uncertain geopolitical climate, and how established VC managers with a longer track record, experience in weathering different market cycles are gaining of this stormy weather.
Bjorn Tremmerie, EIF, Head of Technology Investments

13:25 European PE/Lower Mid-Market’s role in impact investing & sustainable economic growth
The small mid-cap segment of the European PE market has a critical role to play to scale up impact business models, by providing growth capital to innovative companies and solutions to the environmental challenges.
Marco Natoli, EIF, Head of Lower Mid-Market Investments

13:50 Panel: The State of European PE & VC focus on Impact Investing for sustainable growth through greentech
Panel discussion on the current market sentiment, geopolitical & macroeconomic environment, and outlook for 2023.
Ari Björnsson, AISA C.S., Managing Partner, Moderator
Adelaide Cracco, EIF, Head of Climate and Environmental Impact
Marco Natoli, EIF, Head of Lower Mid-Market Investments
Bjorn Tremmerie, EIF, Head of Technology Investments

14:20 Coffee Break

14:40 EIF’s European GreenTech Fund & How to Measure Impact
Innovations in the field of environmental sustainability are the key elements of Europe’s environmental and net-zero strategy. While Climate and Environment focused VC and PE are delivering both climate impact and financial returns in Europe.
EIF’s Impact Performance Methodology: Three steps to track the positive correlation between financial value and social impact
Adelaide Cracco, EIF, Head of Climate and Environmental Impact

15:20 Pension Fund – GreenTech – Investor’s view
Fireside chat with a pension fund, an investor of Sustainable Development Umbrella Fund (SDUF) – GreenTech compartment
Cassa Forense, Pension Fund
Ari Björnsson, AISA C.S., Managing Partner
Alessio Conforti, EIF, Head of ICR Europe

15:40 Impact Fund manager presentation
How to deliver high-impact and high returns with GreenTech investments
Dr. Martin Kröner, Partner, Green European Tech Fund (GET)

16:00 Q&A & Closing Remarks
Rémi Charrier, EIF, Head of ICR

16:10 Networking Drinks & 1-2-1 meetings

17:00 End